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Change Of Heart

Joe’s first attempt at video. He had an idea to do something cool, but didn’t think it was possible with just a Sony Camcorder and a computer, so he opted for a standard ’80’s style music video. Joe Directed and Performed while Cyndie (his wife) acted as Camera Woman.

Nothin’ In Between

While editing the first video, Joe discovered that his original idea was possible. So he set out to create this second video. Not only did Joe act as Director and Performer, but he also played Camera Man. Watch carefully, every performer in this video is Joe. And check out the part at the end where Joe (the cowbell player) throws the cowbell to Joe (the singer).

Psychotherapy {JBL/Cream Commercial}

On October 24, 25, & 26, 2005 the legendary Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker) brought their historic reunion to Madison Square Garden, their only USA appearance. This event was sponsored by JBL, the same company that sponsors Joe’s tours. Well, JBL chose to use ‘Psychotherapy’, a tune from Joe’s ’12 Months’ album, for their video promotion. With JBL’s permission, it is now shown here. See what thousands of people saw at Madison Square Garden.

Round Here / Here I Am / Do You Feel Like We Do {live}

Round Here
Here I Am
Do You Feel Like We Do

In October of 2007, (left to right) Rusty Homan, Joe Chinnici, Mike Viola & James Pagano set out on a small tour of North America. This is a piece of their performance from The Cutting Room in New York City, available on Joe Chinnici’s live album ‘When The Tree Fell’.

Rusty Homan: guitar, sax, vocal

Joe Chinnici: vocal, guitar

Mike Viola: drums, vocal

James Pagano: bass, vocal

Statesboro Blues / Lets Get It On / The Thrill Is Gon {live}

Statesboro Blues
Let’s Get It On
The Thrill Is Gone

On May 22, 2015, Off The Cuff performed at The Cutting Room in New York City with special guest Jack Petruzzelli (The Fab Faux, Joan Osborne, Patti Smith). Here are ‘Statesboro Blues’, ‘Let’s Get It On’ & ‘The Thrill Is Gone’; as performed live, edited together from two video sources.

Joe Chinnici: vocal & guitar

Jack Petruzzelli: guitar

James Pagano: bass

Neil Nunziato: drums

Carl Spataro: percussion

If I Don’t Be There By Morning

Two Guys (Bill McIntyre & Joe Chinnici) ended somewhere around 1997 when Joe moved off of Long Island. Twenty-Three years later, on May 20, 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Bill & Joe decided to try something new and different, just for fun. We hope you enjoy.

A great Bob Dylan tune, as originally done by Eric Clapton.